NHS and Student Council Put up Annual Giving Tree


Lydia Luechtefeld, Staff Writer

Each year around Christmas time, in the spirit of giving, OHS sets up a Giving Tree. This year the Student Council and the National Honor Society put up the Giving Tree in the main lobby at Okawville Jr./Sr. High School. On this tree, there are tags that you can take. The tags have different sanitary and nonperishable food items written on them that you can donate. Donations can be put in a basket under the tree. The donations go to people in need of these items. This year they are partnering with the Subaru Share the Love Event. This organization will give a free popcorn to anyone who brings two or more items to a basketball game that is on one of the following dates (December 7, 9, 11, 14, 17). The 2021 Subaru Share the Love Event has donated over $200 million over the last 13 years to various charities. This tree strengthens the community and puts everyone in the holiday spirit of giving. It is a great way of coming together for a good purpose.