Teacher Spotlight : Mr. Barkau


Justice Altenbaumer, JH Staff Writer

Mr. Beau Barkau is a teacher and coach here at Okawville. He teaches 7th grade mathematics and social studies. He also teaches 8th grade mathematics. Mr. Barkau enjoys all of the subjects he teaches, but his favorite subject is mathematics by far.

He’s also a junior high boys basketball coach and a high school baseball coach. His favorite sport to coach is back and forth. He says, “It depends on which season we are in. If it is basketball season then basketball is my favorite. If it is baseball season, then baseball is my favorite.”

He has been working at Okawville for 7 years. His favorite thing about working here is how he grew up in Okawville and the place is home to him. He does not have any issues with the school. Outside of school, Mr. Barkau likes hunting, golfing, and hanging out with his family and friends.