Teacher Spotlight : Mr. Goforth


Jilien Harre, JH Staff Writer

Mr. Chris Goforth is a huge part of what makes Okawville High School as great as it is. Mr. Goforth spends the majority of his time teaching 7th Grade Math and High School Algebra 1.

He once attended high school in Nashville, IL. After high school, he decided to further his education at Kaskaskia College. After KC, Mr. Goforth went to Mckendree University to complete his degree in secondary education and mathematics. This is Mr. Goforth’s 11th year teaching.  He enjoys teaching equations and putting numbers and the alphabet together. “I enjoy teaching, but my least favorite part is the short weeks feel like forever,” says Mr. Goforth. One of his favorite parts of teaching is the ability to watch kids grow from grade-schoolers to high school graduates.  Outside of teaching he also coaches football at Nashville Community High School. Mr. Goforth is a great asset to the Okawville community and teaching staff and is known for his great sense of humor!