Voice of Democracy Winners Announced


Ellie Frederking, Staff Writer

Every year the VFW host’s a competition for juniors to write a “Voice of Democracy” paper that can lead to winnings of scholarships and money. This year’s theme for the paper was “Where do we go from here?”

Each student then writes their own creative paper for the chance to win big earnings. This year’s winners were Joseph Jansen who won $50, Kristen Althoff who won $75, and Jared Juenger who won $100. This gives students the opportunity and chance to express their opinions in an appropriate manner and get rewarded for how well they put the paper together. Then our school’s winner, Jared Juenger, had the opportunity to enter his paper at the district level where he then had the opportunity to move on to the state level. This is something students look forward to every year as they get to express their opinions and their voices are heard.