Model UN Attends First Conference

Laura Cook, Sports Editor

November 15-16th of 2021, our Model UN delegates took on their first conference at McKendree College. The club and students from other schools took on the roles of different countries from around the globe to discuss today’s issues. 

The moderator for this club is Mrs. Kremmer, and the four delegates all worked in different countries in two different committees throughout the conference. The committees were Science and Technology and W.H.O. In Science and Technology, all the delegates must work together to debate which of the delegates resolutions they would pass on a certain issue. In W.H.O., all the delegates work together to come up with resolutions about world health problems, much like the actual W.H.O. organization would.

This March, the club will travel again to McKendree for their next conference. Anyone is welcome to join the club at any time. Good luck to our delegates!