7th Grade Volleyball Starts Out Strong


Schae Juenger, JH Staff Writer

The 7th grade team consists of seven 7th graders and two 6th graders.  The 7th graders are Jilien Harre, Lillian Cragen, Schae Juenger, Kenley Hackstadt, Cadee Wiedwilt, Emma Vuichard, and Izzy Howard.  The two 6th graders are Maddy Dulle and Sophia Going.  

I interviewed 7th grader Jilien Harre and asked her some questions.  I asked her how do you think the team is going to do this season?  Jilien said, “I think as a team we all work really well together, so I think that will help us during the season to win games.”  I also asked her what do you like about the team?  Jilien said, “The team consists of friends inside and outside of school and we always keep our energy up.”

Their first game was Tuesday, February 1 vs the St. Rose Wildcats.  The Rockets won in 2 sets.  The score of the first set was 25-14.  The score of the second set was 25-15.  

Their next game was Monday, February 7 vs the Lebanon Greyhounds.  The Rockets won in 2 sets again.  In the first set, they beat the Greyhounds 25-7.  The second set was a lot closer.  The Rockets won 25-20.  

The next night the Rockets played at home vs the Aviston Eagles.  The Eagles were more of a challenge for the Rockets.  The Rockets lost in 2 sets.  In the first set, the Rockets lost 25-18.  The Rockets lost 25-10 in the second set.  

The Rockets played again on Wednesday, February 9.  They played at home vs the Germantown Lady Bulldogs.  The Rockets beat the Bulldogs in 2 sets.  The first set was close with the Rockets winning 25-22. The Rockets won in the second set 25-13.  

On Thursday, February 10 the Rockets played Bartelso at home.  Bartelso was another tough team for the Rockets.  The Rockets lost in 2 sets.  The first set was really close but the Rockets lost 26-24.  In the second set, the Rockets lost 25-19.  The Rockets put up a good fight against Bartelso.  

The 7th grade volleyball record so far is 3-2.  Good luck to the Jr. Lady Rockets as they continue on their season.

Kenley Hackstadt serves in a win over St. Rose.