ISAC Recognizes OHS for High Completion Rate of FAFSA Forms

Lydia Luechtefeld, Staff Writer

FAFSA or “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” is an important application for students seeking education after high school. Now a requirement for graduation in Illinois, filling out the FAFSA form determines whether certain students are eligible for receiving federal aid. Many colleges will also use FAFSA to lend their own aid. However, students who are not college-bound can benefit later from filling out the FAFSA form if their post-high school plans change to include college.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission recognized Okawville High School for 89% of seniors (class of 2021) completing the FAFSA form. “The whole purpose of the initiative is to make sure students know cost should not be a barrier to education after high school”, says OHS guidance counselor, Tricia Schleifer. The school was presented with a banner to display outside of Mrs. Schleifer’s office.