Lady Rockets Celebrate Three Seniors


Madisyn Wienstroer, Staff Writer

The Lady Rockets played their final home game against Wesclin and celebrated Senior Night on Thursday, February 10.  The three seniors recognized were players Sydney Tebbe and Raegan Luechtefeld, and manager Alyssa Gavin. 

The Lady Rockets beat Wesclin with an ending score of 59-19. Sydney Tebbe had an outstanding game with 12 points, numerous rebounds, and ended the night with a double-double. Raegan had a strong offensive game also with 5 points and led the team with assists. 

Proceeding the game, the seniors were recognized for their accomplishments by receiving flowers and gifts from the underclassmen. 

“I felt extremely loved by my team, the coaching staff, and this community!” said Raegan Luechtefeld.

Sydney Tebbe said, “I love this community and especially this team. I am so proud of how successful we have been and hope to continue that into the postseason!”

Congratulations to all three seniors on their careers as Lady Rockets!