Okawville Music Students Compete in Solo and Ensemble

Laura Cook, Sports Editor

Solo and ensemble is a musical competition for chorus and band students. Students can either perform a solo or an ensemble with two or more people. This past solo and ensemble was a huge success for the students of Okawville. All Okawville Junior High and High School students received division 1 ratings. 

In the Junior High division, a perfect score receives a 1st superior. Landan Pierce received a 1st superior on both his vocal and piano solos. Junior high participants include Emil Galliano – Trumpet Solo, Gabriel Charles – Snare Drum Solo, Jared Bollmeier – Trumpet Solo, Clay Maynard – Trombone Solo, Julia Helbig – Trumpet Solo, Landan Pierce – Vocal/Piano Solo, Julia Helbig, and Aiden Parker, Rodney Helbig – Brass Trio. 

The high school students were Sidney Charles – Clarinet Solo, Kylie Langenstein – Clarinet Solo, Isabella Rader – Flute Solo, Sarah Cook – Trumpet Solo, Jacob Segelhorst – Trombone Solo, Calvin Maynard – Trumpet Solo, Kristen Althoff – Tenor Sax Solo, Maci Wolf – Vocal Solo, Norah Hurst – Vocal Solo, Laura Cook – Vocal Solo, Alyssa Statler – Vocal Solo, Laurie Mueth – Vocal/Flute Solo, Katie Forgy – Vocal Solo, Sarah Cook, Laura Cook – Vocal Duet, Alyssa Statler, and Sidney Charles – Clarinet Duet. 

Congratulations to all of the musicians who participated!