Reactions Vary From Computer Detox Day

Brynn Rhodes, JH Staff Writer

On Monday, February 28th, the Jr High and High school side of school had a computer detox day. This is where the students didn’t have access to their computers for a whole day. This was put in place so that the students would learn to use them responsibly. Some people were all for the detox day while others weren’t. I interviewed two staff members and two students about their opinions on the matter. 

First I asked Mrs. Corinna Kremmer, the 7th grade Science teacher, 7th grade Literature teacher, and 8th grade Civics teacher. I asked her how she felt about the detox. She replied, “I feel that it should be left up to the classroom teacher. I have classes where I show good learning materials and I couldn’t do that for my classes on Monday. Students should be taught how to use Chromebooks responsibly. Taking them away doesn’t teach them anything.”

High school principal, Mr. Leon Spinka, answered with “I thought it was a good idea for students to remove themselves from screens for a day. I think that it helped our students.” 

Junior High student, Kaden Buehler, said “I didn’t think it was that bad because I’m not on it that much, so it didn’t really affect my day.” 

High school student, Ethan Riechman, thought differently, he stated “I didn’t like it because I couldn’t get work done for my classes and I had nothing to do after I finished my homework.” 

As you can tell, there were mixed emotions during the detox with interesting points from each side.