Lady Netters Swing Into Season


Maci Wolf spikes the ball during a volleyball match.

Jordyn Heckert, Staff Writer

On August 22, the Okawville Lady Netters started off their season strong at Greenville High School, where they played their first game of the season. The varsity girls won their first match 27-25 and won the second match 25-18. 

Ady Harre and Jordyn Heckert led the team in kills. The team had 22 kills total, Harre contributing 8 and Heckert contributing 7. Kylie Going and Rae Obermeier led the team in assists. Going contributed 8 and Obermeier contributed 7 out of the team’s total of 17. Heckert had a solo block, accounting for the only block in that game. Going led the team in aces, accounting for 2 of the 5. The girls had an outstanding number of digs, which totaled 74! Of the 74 digs, Madi Wienstroer contributed 20, Ady Harre 17, Megan Rennegarbe 12, and Rae Obermeier had 11. The team had a total of 38 serve receives, Wienstroer accounting for 14 and Rennegarbe accounting for 10. 

On August 25, the Lady Netters played their first home match of the season against the Nashville Hornettes. The girls played two tough matches, but could not manage a win in either. The scores of the two matches were 25-12 and 25-19. 

Megan Rennegarbe and Jordyn Heckert led the team in kills. Of the team’s total of 9 kills, Rennegarbe contributed 4 and Heckert contributed 3. Kylie Going and Raelyn Obermeier led the team in assists, Going had 4 and Obermeier had 2 of the team’s 9. Jordyn Heckert, Rae Obermeier, and Megan Rennegarbe all contributed to the total of 4 blocks. Heckert had 2, and Obermeier and Rennegarbe each had 1. Jordyn Heckert, Megan Rennegarbe, and Madi Wienstroer each had an ace, making up for the team’s total of 3. Madi Wienstroer led the team in digs, collecting 8 of the team’s 25. Madi Wienstroer, Rae Obermeier, Megan Rennegarbe, and Ady Harre each accounted for a large number of the team’s serves received. Of the 41 serve receives total, Wienstroer contributed 12, Obermeier 9, and Rennegarbe and Harre each had 8.

Good luck and have a great season ladies!