New After School Program

Madisyn Wienstroer, Staff Writer

The Okawville Administration decided this year to start the after-school care program. Mrs. Howard initiated the program and hired staff for it. The director is Autumn Savinsky, the supervisor is Izzy Loquasto, and Samantha Friess is a student helper/aid.

The after-school care program is held in the attachment room next to the library which used to be a computer lab. An average of 30 children have been attending every day. The program is held after school until 6 pm, Monday through Friday. It gives parents time to finish work and keep the children safe and learning in the same environment. The children have snacks, lots of toys, fun activities they play with each other, and movies to watch.

The school hopes to keep this program running for a long time and has gotten good reviews from the community. The director Autumn Savinsky states, “I am excited to provide our community with this program to provide parents with reliable care while they work.”