Okawville Welcomes Mr. Dudeck

Alayna Kraus, Staff Writer

Mr. Theo Dudeck recently took the History position at Okawville High School, recently held by Jackie Smith.  Mr. Smith decided to take an Athletic Directing position at Sparta High school. Although we will miss Mr. Smith, the Okawville student body and administration are welcoming Mr. Dudeck with open arms and is excited to see what the future holds. 

After graduating from New Athens High school, Mr. Dudeck furthered his education at  SIUE. After finishing his collegiate studies, Dudeck furthered his learning experience with a student teacher position at  Collinsville High School. Dudeck is currently teaching American History, World History, Sociology, Psychology, and Civics at the High School level here at Okawville. 

Mr. Dudeck decided to further his involvement with the Okawville community and take on the Jr. High basketball and baseball assistant coaching positions. Dudeck grew up playing sports and has made many achievements for New Athens athletics, so there is no doubt Dudeck knows the game and will be an excellent asset to Okawville Coaching Staff. “Coming from New Athens I had always enjoyed playing sports against Okawville and was always in awe at how much the community rallied around the high school and its athletics,” says Dudeck. “When I saw the job opening here I knew it was where I wanted to be and where I wanted to call home. I think the community should know that coming from New Athens, I understand the small town feel and have always preferred that over a much larger school and area. Being in a smaller town makes me very comfortable and feel much more at ease when it comes to perfecting my ability at teaching and being able to communicate and establish positive relationships with my students.” 

Dudeck has been a great addition to the teaching staff so far and we are looking forward to many more years with him as well. Welcome to the Okawville community, Mr. Dudeck!