Launch Pad Receives Grant for Better Production

Delaney Kuhn, JH Staff Writer

This year, the Okawville Launch Pad received a grant of $1,100. The organization received the grant after the Illinois Press Foundation opened for grant proposals just last spring. Mrs. Donavan, the Launch Pad advisor, applied for the grant and outlined what we would be using the grant for and what the costs could be. They were then approved. This grant is going to be helping the Launch Pad become more organized and it gives them more options to present their news stories. 

One of the things they are going to be using the grant for is a new whiteboard to help stay better organized when assigning stories, upgraded video production equipment, pay for the web hosting fees to keep the website going, and get a subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud. This grant is going to be very beneficial for the Launch Pad and the staff who work on it. Make sure to be on the lookout for new and exciting stories that will be out soon!