Various Clubs Volunteer at Chili Cook-Off

Bennett Krohne, Staff Writer

Okawville’s ongoing tradition of the Chili Cook-Off took place on October 9th. There were many different stands, all serving their own purposes. Every year, many OHS clubs and organizations take part in having a stand at the event, or even working for another organization’s stand, as a fundraiser. Each club/organization’s members are responsible for coming together and taking turns working different stands. 

This year, SLT volunteered to run the soda stand, which was organized by Old Exchange National Bank of Okawville. Another OHS club at the Chili Cook-Off was Tri-M. Tri-M Honor Society hosted a face painting stand; the payment system was based on donations, and all proceeds went to Tri-M to use for different projects and activities. 

The OHS Freshman Class hosted a stand, where they sold lemonade shake-ups. Along with the Freshman Class, the Sophomore Class also had a stand. The Sophomore Class sold food items such as nachos and pulled pork, and they even competed in the cook-off itself! The funds both classes made will go towards activities such as their senior trips, their junior proms, and their graduations. 

Each year, many OHS clubs and organizations use the Chili Cook-Off as a way of raising money for a cause. All clubs/organizations that participated in having a stand at the Chili Cook-Off made great earnings which will be put to great use.