Jr. Rocket Baseball Comes to a Close

Brynn Rhodes, Junior High Editor

On Monday, September 19, 2022, the Jr. Rockets played in the first round of regionals where they played Evansville. They were given the 4th seed in the regional. Braylen Turner collected the win for the Rockets while striking out seven and walking 0. Kaden Buehler led the offense while going 2-3 at the plate. They had eleven stolen bases and seven hits. 

In the second round of regionals, they played Nashville St Ann’s where Braylen Turner pitched for the Rockets. He lasted the six innings only allowing six hits and one strikeout. The Jr Rockets tried their hardest to fight back but sadly lost 3-0. I interviewed 8th grader, Braylen Turner about his input on the season. He replied, “I think we tried our hardest but fell short. We were doing well for a while with a four-game winning streak.”

The Jr. Rockets ended their season 5-14.