Mamma Mia Was a Success!


Cast and crew of Mamma Mia!

Lynnsie Talley, Staff Writer

Phenomenal is the word that Ms. Welch, the director of the show, uses when she describes the students’ performance in this production. There was hard work and sacrifice that went into this production that ultimately led to the amazing outcome. Every student brings something special and unique to the team that makes the end result what it is. 

From learning the dances to memorizing the lines, every practice got better. From the backstage crew making everything and everyone look good to the relationship and chemistry between characters, every night got more and more spectacular. Each night of the performance got better and better. And of course, it would not be complete without the set. This set comes straight from the imagination of Ms. Welch and the strength of Fred and the help of students’ dads. Without them, this show would not have been possible. 

All the students surpassed Ms. Welch’s expectations and everyone was so glad to share it with the community. The turnout for Mamma Mia was amazing as always. They had to add seats to make everyone fit! The drama club is catching the eyes of people. More students join every year after seeing the show and wanting to be involved. Ms. Welch says, “I enjoy seeing who steps out and who wants to be a part of the drama club.” She is excited to continue doing musicals and for the drama club to grow. 

Drama club is a great place to go and have fun but also to learn and grow. It is a break from everyday life, and members

become part of an amazing family. This year’s show was a huge success! “You guys rocked it. I knew you guys would be amazing and you surpassed my expectations. Ph

enomenal.” -Ms. Welch.