Teachers Decorate Pumpkins

Emma Hokeness, JH Staff Writer

The Sunshine Committee, a group of staff members from both the Grade School and the Jr./Sr. High School, organized activities to bring joy to all the staff members. During the month of October, they hosted a pumpkin decorating contest for all of the staff members. Students were allowed to vote for their favorite pumpkins. The Sunshine Committee thought this was a good way to include teachers and students in a fun activity. Prizes were given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Each winner was able to choose between multiple gifts that were donated by the members of the community, such as jewelry, scratch-off lottery ticket, gift cards, and candy. First place was Tara Harre, she made a pumpkin that looked like a donut. Second place was Erin Wiedwilt, she made a skull pumpkin. In third place, Kenyon Henderson made a baseball pumpkin.