Students Celebrate Homecoming Week

Jordyn Heckert, Staff Writer

The students of OHS once again celebrated their homecoming spirit week by having fun-themed spirit days planned for each day of the week. These themes were decided by a few of the Student Council members on the homecoming committee. The students who participated these days were very creative and had a lot of fun with the themes! 

The theme for Monday was “soccer moms vs BBQ dads.” Students either had to dress up in their best soccer mom or BBQ dad attire. 

Tuesday’s theme was “dress up as a faculty member in the school.” The most popular choices of the students for this day were to dress up as Mr. Laughlin, Mr. Recker, Mrs. Bowers, Mr. Berg, and Mr. Dudeck.

On Wednesday, the theme was “bring anything but a backpack.” Students could bring any object into school and use it to carry their books and items around school as a substitution for their backpacks. This was a super fun idea and the students were really creative! Some of the most creative ideas were using shopping carts, strollers, coolers, and laundry baskets, and one student even brought in a manual-push lawn mower! 

Thursday’s theme was “homecoming class shirts.” Students wore their green homecoming shirts to represent their class. 

The theme for Friday was “Spirit Day.” Students decked out in all of their orange and blue spirit wear to show off their Rocket Spirit for the pep rally!

Soccer mom Megan Rennegarbe with BBQ Dad Madi Wienstroer
Mr. Dudeck with his “twin” Ady Harre.
Abby Brennfleck uses a toy car instead of a backpack.
Choir students sport their class shirts on Class Shirt Day