English Four Travels to the Repertory Theater

Ellie Frederking, Staff Writer

On December 6, 2022, English 4 took a trip to the Repertory Theater of St. Louis to see A Christmas Carol which was adapted by Micheal Wilson and directed by Hana S. Sharif. One of the most well-known Christmas plays of all time is a focal point and highlight during the Christmas season. The English 4 classes had recently read the novel in class weeks before the show. In this story, a cold, grumpy man gets visited by 3 ghosts which take him to the past, present, and future allowing him to reflect on himself and how he got to where he is and where he is headed. We had previously read the book in class right before seeing the play which allowed us to have an insight into what the play would be like. But just like any book that is turned into a play or movie, there are noticeable differences and similarities which affect the performance. 

Following the performance the students stopped by the mall to eat lunch since the play didn’t get over till approximately 12:45. Eating here allowed students to get a wide variety of options so everybody could eat something of their liking. Then, they headed back to the school and were there by 2:45 for any extracurricular activities that might have been taking place after school.