Gather Okawville is Having Great Success


Megan Rennegarbe, Staff Writer

In small towns, it can sometimes be difficult to start new businesses. While this may be a struggle for some, the new coffee shop in town, Gather Okawville, is not having many issues. Gather Okawville, located at 204 E. Walnut Street in Okawville, is owned by community member and Okawville High School alum, Breanna Colstock. After moving back to Okawville after a period of time, Breanna had dreams of opening a shop that could be used as a “coffee shop and multipurpose event space that would be available for the whole community to use, so that everyone could gather, thrive, grow, and support,” Colstock said. This shop, while it may not be massive, has a very warm and inviting atmosphere that embodies the small-town feel. 

Gather Okawville had an open house on December 3, during the local Christmas stroll, and received great reviews. Okawville student, Ady Harre, had this to say about the shop, “I am really glad Breanna Colstock decided to open a coffee shop in Okawville. One of the best things about Okawville is the tight-knit community where everybody knows everybody. Gather has been the perfect way for people to meet with each other and catch up! Although I am not a coffee drinker, I am an avid Gather customer. The hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup and whip cream is my go-to drink, especially during this cold weather! I hope Gather continues to stay open and our awesome community continues to support her and her business!”

Gather is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday morning so make sure to stop in, grab a drink, and support the community.