ACES Team Prepares for Competition

Lydia Luechtefeld, News/Features Editor

Students from Okawville High School that are on the Academic Challenge Event team have begun their preparation for their first competition in February at Nashville High School.  

The practices consist of going over tests from the previous years and learning new strategies for test taking. The team learns new material that may appear on their tests during their competition. Each subject meets once a week to practice. Then, students are expected to go over materials that were reviewed in practice on their own. 

Each member of the ACES team is required to take two tests. The options for the subjects include math, biology, chemistry, English, computer science, and physics. 

The varsity participants on this year’s team are Kylie Buehler, Hannah Miller, Jared Juenger, Grant Schleifer, Joseph Jansen, Samantha Friess, Lydia Luechtefeld, Annie Culli, Nora Wood, Sidney Charles, Cameron Radford, Bella Welch, Aidan Anderson, and Aubrey Krieger. The JV team consists of KateLyn Borrenpohl, Caleigh Friederich, Calvin Maynard, Clarie Dulle, and Jenna Hackstadt.

The teachers involved with the ACEs team are Mrs. Hormann as the sponsor and biology and chemistry coach, Mrs. Donovan as the English coach, Mrs. Lintker as the physics coach, and Mr. Laughlin as the math coach.

Last year, the ACES team had a very successful season. They placed first at regionals, second at sectionals and third at state. With how well they did last year, the team has high hopes for this season. Mrs. Hormann stated, “[They are] amazing bright and intelligent kids that I believe will do well and go to state again!” She is very proud of her students saying, “[It is] my pleasure to be their sponsor and teacher.” 

Best of luck to our ACES Team this season!