The Valentine Masquerade Dance


Mrs. Donovan

The 2023 Sweetheart Court

Macie Staley, Staff Writer

The Okawville Jr. Sr. High School held its annual Sweetheart Dance, The Valentine Masquerade, Saturday, February 25th from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. The coronation ceremony began at 7:15 pm and the court consisted of twelve people and their escorts, those being, Gabby Bosworth (12) escorted by Savannah Borrenpohl (12), Kirsten Sale (12) escorted by Kaden Wheat (11), Kylie Buehler (12) escorted by Will Tepe (10), Paige Riechmann (12) escorted by Ethan Guevera (12), Lexie Todd (12) escorted by Jacob Funk(12), Taylor McGranahan (12) escorted by Reid Hemann (10), Macie Staley (12) escorted by Joe Jansen (12), Hannah Miller (12) escorted by Grant Schliefer (12), Ellie Frederking (12) escorted by Dillon Teter (12), Megan Rennegarbe (12) escorted by Hayden Hagarty (12), Briley Rhodes (12) escorted by Jared Juenger (12), and Jordyn Heckert (12) escorted by Andrew Savard (12). 

Each pair decided to do a fun little dance of some sort to spice it up this year. After everyone was announced, the runners-up and Queen were announced. The second runner-up was Hannah Miller, the first runner-up was Kirsten Sale, and the Sweetheart Queen was given to Megan Rennegarbe. The whole school voted for one candidate to become Sweetheart Queen. The overall dance was a lot of fun, lots of dancing, and hanging out with friends.

Queen Megan Rennegarbe and Senora Holm led the crowd in a dance.
A group of students performs a line dance.