New Year Brings New Rules

Autumn Heberer

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A new school year brings in new rules. At the beginning of the school year on Friday, August 18th, an assembly was held to inform all students about this year’s new policies. Mr. Senior was interviewed on these news changes. He was asked three questions:

“What are some policy changes?” “To start off, tardies have changed. Last year, each student would get a detention for three tardies per class. This year, however, students with two tardies for any class at all will get a lunch detention. Detentions have also changed. First is a lunch detention, then an after school detention, and after that comes an extended detention. Another policy change is that backpacks are not allowed in any class at any time no matter what.”

“How do you feel about these changes?” Mr. Senior feels these changes are very important, saying, “These changes are very necessary because the tardy policy is a life skill.” He wants our students to become good employees by starting off being there on time.

“How do you think these changes will help the staff, students, and/or the school?” The new tardy policy is supposed to help students learn “soft skills”, which Mr. Senior says are basic skills employers are looking for in employees. The new detention addition is there for another avenue before a suspension. It is also there as a deterrent for students.