Senior Victory Kicks off Basketball Season

Anna Schmersahl

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Pep Rally was as school spirited as all the other ones. It began with the cheerleaders doing school song like they do before every home game. After the cheerleaders were done, the girls basketball ran out to the Pep Band playing “Sweet Child of Mine.” Meanwhile the girls are shooting layups, the boys run out to the Pep Band playing “Hang on Rockets”. After the basketball players are done, they all stand in a line and say each of their names; same as the cheerleaders, Pep Band players, and homecoming court. Then came the games. The first one was that a team of each class had to do a series of stuff and get their balloons, and once they all had the balloons they had to pop them with their butts; seniors were first , freshman were second, juniors were third, and sophomores were last. After that game was the frozen t-shirt game. There were around five teams and they had to get the frozen t-shirt apart and on one of the team members bodys; whoever was the fastest won. After all the games were done, came the whip cream eating contest. This is where four teachers or staff members had to eat a bowl of whip cream, no hands or spoons, before the other three were done. The teachers were Mrs. Donovan. Mr. Goforth, Mrs. Danford, and Mr. Senior. At the end of the rally, Daniel Savard lead the rollercoaster with the whole student body.