The Start to a New Season

Jared Juenger

The Jr. High volleyball team’s season is just underway and they are off to a great start.  The girls are super excited and hoping for a great season.  I asked a few of the players myself.  I asked seventh graders Hannah Miller and Ellie Frederking, plus eighth grader Elli Kremmer, for their opinions on this year’s season.  Miller replied with “I am really excited because we have a pretty good team.  Seventh and eighth grade both should win a lot of games.”  Frederking answered with “I’m really excited because I enjoy volleyball and we have a really good team this year.”  “I am excited because usually we work well as a team. I think we will be pretty good this year. Especially since we recently got second in a tournament,” Kremmer replied.


The Jr. High eighth grade team got second place at the New Athens tournament.  The seventh and eighth grade teams are coached by Mrs. Rhonda  Hormann.  The sixth and fifth grade teams are coached by Mr. Tom  Hormann.  Both teams are assisted with Coach Erin Hormann