Boy’s Final Strides on Home Court

Dylan Clark

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In their last regular season home game on Thursday, January 18, the Okawville Jr. Rockets celebrated eighth grade night before battling the visiting Wesclin Warriors. It was nearly the end of a tough season. While the team practiced and played hard, most games ended in a loss for them this year. This night would be no different. But, it was different. It would be exciting and emotional and fun all at once. The families of each eighth grade boys basketball player and cheerleader were gathered to recognize this occasion.

Before the start of the game, Mr. Spinka announced each student and their parents met them in the middle of floor. Flowers and hugs were given and the players received handmade backboards with the words “may all your swishes come true.” They rested on white baskets filled with snacks and a team photo to remember this year.

While everyone was excited about the game, parents and grandparents were wondering how the years went so fast. Photos and announcements finished up and it was time to start the game clock. The tip off went to Wesclin. The games was moving fast. Coach Barkau called the plays and the team scrambled to take the lead.

One of the starters Tyson Thompson, had three fouls in the third quarter before fouling one of the Wesclin player’s, picking up his fourth foul. Tyson then slammed the ball on the ground in anger and received a technical foul from one of the referees Tyson then got benched for the rest of the game because he got his fifth foul.The team started to fall apart after Tyson fouled out. At the end, the Okawville Rockets came up short losing to Wesclin by 11 points.