Strange Weather Pattern Hits Southern Illinois

Wade Dachsteiner

This winter patterns in the weather have been crazy for Southern Illinois. Ranging from mid 50’s or negative digits. This is happening everywhere in the United States including places like Texas and even in Florida where snow hasn’t touched since 1977. Ice, snow, sleet, and rain have been causing issues due to the strange weather that has been occuring. The temperatures have been close to record breaking especially in the areas where it tends to be warmer such as in Texas, Arizona, and California. Recently in the South including Arkansas and Missouri, damaging rain and winds were recorded within the past weekend.  In the north major snowfall continues for areas around the great lakes due to “The Great Lake effect”. The effect is causing many issues in states like Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey, and other North-Eastern States to have intense snowfall.  Even though the lake effects of snow is normal and expected each year the weather produced lately has been record-breaking. States like Pennsylvania had over 30 inches of snow within a 13 day span ranging 2-3 inches an hour. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA,  said the probable cause is that La Niña has developed. “La Niña conditions have officially developed and may continue through early 2018, potentially influencing the weather conditions we see in the United States this winter,” according to an update issued by NOAA on Thursday, November  9th, 2017.