Martin Luther King Jr. Day, A Day to Remember

Ashley Langenstein

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Who doesn’t love a five day weekend? Students in the Okawville grade school, Jr. Sr. high school, and many other schools in the district received an extra three days off school. Due to ice and snow, school was canceled on Friday, January 12th and 16th. Also, on Monday the 15th, students didn’t have school because of the national U.S. holiday, MLK Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January each year. This year, MLK Day fell on the 15th, and January 15th is also his birthday. We receive a school day off each year to celebrate and to honor his legacy in battling for civil rights. Unfortunately, King was assassinated in 1968, and the day wasn’t officially commemorated until 1986. The first Martin Luther King Jr. day was celebrated with marches, church services, concerts, and candlelight vigils. In the U.S. only Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. have a national holiday observed in their honor. MLK was the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement. He successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law, and is an inspiration to us all. In 2000, MLK Day was officially observed as a national holiday in all 50 states. It’s important to continue celebrating and honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s and his accomplishments. MLK Day is holiday to honor him for bringing people closer together and making things equal and fair for all.