New Events In Winter Olympics

Dylan Clark

The Winter Olympics will begin on Friday, February 9th, and end on Sunday, February 25. The games this year will be held in Pyeongchang County, in South Korea. More than 2,800 athletes from over 85 countries will participate. They have added four new events to The Olympics,

Snowboard Big Air is new for 2018. In the event the snowboarder goes down a hill and performs tricks after launching off a ramp. Competitors perform complex tricks in the air, aiming to attain sizable height and distance while securing a clean landing.

Another new event to the Olympics is Speed Skating Mass Start which is a race on ice using ice skates of course. Speed Skating has been a game in the Olympics before but the new Mass Start game will feature up to 24 skaters racing 16 laps at the same time. In traditional speedskating just two skaters pair up to race against time.

Freestyle skiing is also a new event at the Olympics. This event consists of a skier performing tricks and flips in the air, and can include skiers sliding rails and boxes on their skis.

The fourth new event on the ice is Mixed Doubles Curling. While curling has been a feature since 1998, there are some differences with Mixed Doubles. In this event there are two players, one woman and one man, that make up each team. Each team will toss six stones, instead of the eight with traditional curling.