A Season Ended Early

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

The Okawville Jr. High baseball team’s year has come to an end.  The Jr. Rockets lost to their rival, the Nashville Jr. Hornets, 15 to 0 in their first regional game and last game as a team.  Okawville went through four pitchers including Aaron Murphy, Hayden Hagarty, Hayden Shubert, and Jared Juenger. They had a total of 2 hits by Aaron Murphy and Hayden Shubert. Most of the team struggled at the plate against both of Nashville’s pitchers.

I asked 8th grader, Hayden Shubert, “Are you excited for High School baseball?”  Shubert responded with, “Yes, I am pretty excited to have fun playing baseball in High School!”  Many of the 8th graders will continue to play ball in High School. Many of the 7th graders will continue to play Jr. High baseball next year also and try to do better than they did this year. Mr. Gaebe will continue to coach the Jr. Rockets next year.