The Season of a New Beginning

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

The junior high boys’ basketball season has already started!  The junior high boys are hoping for a new and improved team this season.  The team seemed to struggle last year as 7th graders. The team has been practicing very hard and are hoping for some better results this year.

The junior high boys have something to look up to though.  The Okawville High School boys basketball team did really well last year. By really well I mean they were STATE CHAMPIONS!  The high school boys drive the junior high boys to try their best and to play hard.

The junior high coach also has hopes for the team this year.  Coach Barkau is very excited for basketball season to start back up again.  He wants the team to keep improving as they have been in practice. I asked Coach Barkau, “What are your hopes for the team’s future?”  Barkau responded with, “I want the boys to get better as the season goes on like every coach. I want to compete with teams. If the boys play hard, we are in the game to win it!”  Barkau has coached basketball a total of 8 years, this year being his 5th at Okawville.

The junior high boys played their first game of the season on Tuesday, October 16th against Woodlawn.  Both the 7th and 8th-grade teams lost. The 8th graders just recently had their opening tournament Monday, October 22nd through Friday, October 26th.  The team played Aviston on October 22nd and sadly lost. On Wednesday the 24th, they played Trico and pulled out a win! The boys played their rival, Nashville, on the 26th.  They lost but played hard and tried their best and received 4th place in the tournament. The team is definitely improving and hoping to have a great season!