Cross Country Season Starts Well

Nicholas Rulevish, Sports Editor

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Cross country season has begun. The runners are already preparing themselves for regionals. The girls’ team took home first place at the Marissa meet. In that meet, Abby Riechmann took home first, Chloe Tepe got third, Megan Cook got fourth, and Cindy Snyder got seventeenth. Those four girls all received medals. Amber Koch, Savannah Hackstadt, and Tricia Rennegarbe also took part in the first place finish.  The girls’ team also became the first in school history to qualify for the State Finals November 2-3.

As for the boys, there are sixteen runners on the team this year. Last season was the first time an Okawville boys cross country team had ever gone to sectionals. The boys are looking to repeat their success from last year.

Diego Alonso-Lustres, the new exchange student, has run very well considering this being his first year. His personal record is 19:30 and that was at arguably one of the hardest courses he would have to run all year. Dominic Perry was also a pleasant surprise for the team. Perry has a personal record of 18:59 at the New Athens Invitational. Dominic is one of only three male freshmen to join XC. Personal Records:


Nick Rulevish 18:48                                Chloe Tepe 20:41

Dominic Perry 18:59                              Abby Riechmann 21:03

Lucas Frederking 19:00                        Megan Cook 21:39

Diego Alonso-Lustres 19:30                 Cindy Snyder 21:59

Kaleb Bowers 19:39                                Raegan Luechtefeld 23:04

Daniel Jansen 19:40                               Amber Koch 26:21

Payton Riechmann 19:57                      Sevanah Hackstadt 27:37

Caleb Unverfehrt 20:07                        Tricia Rennegarbe 33:38

Ethan Bening 20:57

Allen Mueth 20:42

Ethan Kolweier 21:02

Ethan Riechmann 21:03

Drew Riechmann 22:06

Nathan Linkter 23:18                                   

Evan Miller 25:02                                                                           

Kole Jackson 26:33