Junior Lady Rockets Travel to State Tournament

Macie Staley, Staff Writer

Okawville Jr Lady Rockets lost their first state game.  The girls took a hard loss with a score of 10-3. We had game tied in the third inning.  The score was 2-2. Then the fourth inning they got runs up on us. By the end of the game the girls were very upset about their loss but in the end had a great season.

The first two innings were rough for the girls.  The third inning they came back with the score being 2-2.  The girls who scored are Briley Rhodes and Madi Weinstroer.  Briley hit a line drive to right field and got a single. Madi hit the ball to shortstop and got a single.  As Taylor Hettenhausen was up to bat she hit a ground ball to second base. She had courtesy player come in for her.  Macie Staley who was on base now stole second and got the last out.

As the last inning came around the Rockets had two outs and it could end quickly but at least Madi Weinstoer doubles on a line drive to center fielder and Alayna Kraus scores.  At least they got one more on the board before the game ended. Jordyn Heckert was up last to bat and struck out. She had a great season and same with the team. Winning a total of 15 and losing a total of 4 games.  Hope next season was as good as this one.