Conference Games Begin for Junior Rockets

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

The Jr. High boys’ basketball team’s conference games have started.  Coach Barkau is still very excited about this season. The team has played a total of 8 games going 2-6, and in the conferenc,e they are 0-3.  Both of the team’s wins were against Trico. In conference games, the team lost to Bartelso, Breese, and Carlyle. The team will continue with conference game this week as they play Germantown on Tuesday the 13th, and Lebanon on Thursday the 15th.  

The team is improving every game as they continue to practice and work hard.  I asked team member Joseph Jansen how he thinks the team is doing so far this season.  Jansen replied with, “We are improving together as a team. We are playing more as a team this year and I think that is helping us improve.”  Coach Barkau can see improvement in the team and he thinks they are going to win some more games yet this season.