Drama Club can be Habit-Forming

Autumn Heberer, Staff Writer

After Jane Ford and Carol Brockmann retired, Amy Welch and Susan Hagan took responsibility for the club in order to keep the Drama Club in Okawville alive and thriving. When asked why they chose to take over Drama Club, Mrs. Welch said, “Mrs. Ford talked to me and let me know, and I saw it as a good opportunity with Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Brockmann leaving. And I’ve always wanted to do it.” Ms. Hagan replied, “I’ve been a part of the Sparta community chorus and I thought it would be fun to be involved with this, too.”

However, the two new directors didn’t walk into this club blind. Mrs. Welch has acted in and directed many plays at the theater in Sparta. Her goals for the high school drama participants are to teach them what she knows about the theater program, how to do production and sets, and have fun while also learning about drama. Ms. Hagan has also acted in plays at the theater in Sparta, and that her goals are to “have everyone have fun and gain experience with production.”

This year’s play is called Murder Can be Habit-Forming, a production about a group of strangers who find themselves at a convent during a blizzard, and the killer ends up at the convent as well. It is up to a few characters to find the killer. When asked about why she chose this year’s play, Mrs. Welch said, “I tried to find something with a big group of people. It looked funny and challenging for everyone.” Ms. Hagan responded to the same question with, “It was hilarious and had both male and female roles.”

Due to both Mrs. Welch and Ms. Hagan working with the Sparta theater group in the fall, Drama Club productions will be held in the spring. This year’s play will be held April 12th, 13th, and 14th.