Making Memories in Springfield

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

It is a tradition in Okawville to go to Illinois’ state capitol your 8th grade year.  The class of 2023 went to Springfield on Friday, April 12th, 2019. Students left on the bus from the school at 6:45am.  Along with the students, teacher Mr. Barkau and shopaarons Mr. Miller, Mrs. Heckert, Mr. Althoff, Mrs. Helbig, and Mr. Schwab went as well.  When they got to Springfield, they first went to the Illinois State Capitol Building. They were given a tour of the building and historical facts as well.  Representative and Okawville resident, Charlie Meier, happened to be at the Capitol Building as the class was there. They talked with Mr. Meier and took a picture with him.

The class next traveled to the Illinois State Military Museum.  There the class learned about what the military was supplied with and what they did during their service.  The students went to eat lunch at a park and then headed for their third stop, The Lincoln Museum. The Lincoln Museum helps teach kids all the important events that happened during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency.  There were a couple of shows for the students to watch and many educational events. Sticking with President Lincoln, they next traveled to Lincoln’s Tomb in the Oak Creek Cemetery. This is a very respectful and honorable place that the students really seemed to enjoy.  They were told facts about Lincoln’s Tomb and then got to witness were the President was buried along with his family members. They then rubbed the gold nose of a statue that was Lincoln’s face which is said to give good luck.

With extra time left in Springfield, the class went to Scheels where the students mini-bowled, rode a ferris wheel, and bought items.  On their way home they stopped in Litchfield to eat dinner. They then returned to school around 6:30pm after a long, adventurous day.

I asked 8th grade student, Jordyn Heckert, what her favorite part was of the fun filled day.  Jordyn answered with, “My favorite part of our 8th grade field trip was when we went to the Lincoln Museum because it was very interesting and I learned a lot. There were lots of activities to do such as shows, walls of paintings, pictures, wax structures, and many facts.”  It sounds like the students had a blast in Springfield and learned quite a bit.