Lady Rocket Volleyball Launches Season

Megan Rennegarbe, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, August 27, the Lady Rockets Volleyball team started off the season with a win to Marissa. Both JV and Varsity had an excellent game. JV won 15-19 and Varsity won 22-19. They also played on Thursday, August 29, against Nashville. They had a total of 3 matches; Freshman, JV, and Varsity. Sadly, all three teams lost but played great games. Marlee Frederking said this about her hopes for the season, “I hope and think that we can win regionals!. Lindsey Averbeck also commented saying, “In this season, I hope to elevate ourselves, build a stronger bond, improve our record from previous years, and make history all while having fun, giving it everything we got, and never giving up.  I believe this team can do great things if we work together, put in the extra effort, and fight hard. Most importantly, I hope to make this season the most memorable season no matter what the outcome is when it is over.” The Varsity team will play again next week in the New Athens Tournament! Good luck Lady Rockets!