“Mamma Mia!”

Drama Club goes in a new direction.

Autumn Heberer, Staff Writer

This upcoming spring, the Drama Club will be performing its first musical: “Mamma Mia!” Auditions for the show will be held Wednesday, October 17th. There are thirteen spots open for acting roles with spoken lines and solo songs, but there are also many openings for choreography and singing with a group with no solos or spoken lines. Singing rehearsals will begin in November, once a week. Choreography practice will begin in December, also once a week. Full practices will start in January, and production nights will be Friday, March 20th, Saturday, March 21st, and Sunday, March 22nd.

“It’s so exciting,” Mrs. Welch says. “I hope everybody is just as excited as I am and ready to work really hard.” Mrs. Welch says that producing a musical with the Drama Club has been a goal of hers, but she didn’t expect it to be reached this early. She knows that if everybody works their hardest, this musical will be a success. She says the musical is “rewarding in the end and a ton of fun”.

This year’s officers for the Drama Club are Marlee Frederking as President, Megan Schleifer as Vice President, Anna Schmersahl as Secretary, and Lucas Frederking as Treasurer. A princess tea fundraiser will be held in order to pay for the costs of the rights to the musical. The fundraiser date is not yet specified.