Leading the Start of Four Great Years

Freshman Class elects officers

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

Summer 2019 is over and it is time for a fresh start for the Class of 2023.  School is back in session and the freshman class needs officers to start off their first year of high school.  Voting for the freshman class officers started on Monday, August 26th. Due to several absences and a tie for treasurer, the officers were not announced until Tuesday, September 3rd during homeroom.  Mrs. Hormann is one of the class sponsors, along with Mr. Barkau and Mr. Tebbe, but Mrs. Hormann was in charge of taking the votes.

Many students signed up for an officer.  Students running for president were Kylie Buehler, Hayden Kuhn, Hannah Miller, Grant Schleifer, and Franklin Walthes.  Vice president candidates were Kylie Buehler, Ellie Frederking, Jared Juenger, Briley Rhodes, and Macie Staley. Ellie Frederking, Jordyn Heckert, Jared Juenger, Megan Rennegarbe, and Briley Rhodes all ran for secretary.  Candidates for treasurer were Jordyn Heckert, Jared Juenger, Megan Rennegarbe, Briley Rhodes, Lexie Todd, and Franklin Walthes. After the voting, Mrs. Hormann discovered a tie for the treasurer position between Jordyn Heckert and Lexie Todd. Students then voted when they could to decide the tie.

During homeroom on Tuesday, September 3rd, the class officers were announced.  This was the moment the class had been waiting for. Mrs. Hood announced the positions.  President: Hannah Miller, Vice President: Jared Juenger, Secretary: Ellie Frederking, and Treasurer: Jordyn Heckert.  Students were congratulated by fellow classmates.

Hannah Miller now has a big responsibility to take on, leading her class the best, possible way she can.  I asked president Hannah Miller, “Why did you run for president? How do you feel about being elected class president?”  Miller answered with, “I ran because I felt like it would be a good opportunity for me, and I felt like I would be a good leader.  I am very glad I am president and I think I will do great.” So the Class of 2023 now has 4 leaders to start off their first year of many memories to come.