Pie Stand has profitable Wheat Fest

Autumn Heberer, Senior Staff Writer

During Wheat Fest weekend, the pie stand sponsored by the Timepiece staff had great success. By 8:30 Sunday night, the stand was sold out of every pie slice. On Saturday, the stand ran out of hot dogs and had to buy another case, which also almost completely sold out. Roughly 1,120 slices of pie were sold. All of the sales added up to $2,181.91. Some of these earnings will go to the Junior High yearbook staff. The rest will go to transportation to yearbook workshops and SISPA.

The pie stand is run every year by advisor Mrs. Donovan and her yearbook staff. Many students volunteered to help make pies and run the stand for service hours, which Mrs. Donovan is highly grateful for. An abundance of preparation goes into pie-making. Mrs. Donovan, her yearbook staff, and the volunteers began making dough Friday a week before Wheat Festival. The week of Wheat Fest they spend making the pies, and Friday is when they cut and box the pies and make chili.