Musical Cast Set

Ashley Langenstein, Senior Staff Writer

Okawville High School’s Drama Club is performing the musical Mamma Mia in March. This is Mrs. Welch’s second year in charge of the Drama Club. The lead this year is Marlee Frederking as Donna Sheridan, and Maci Wolf is Donna’s daughter, Sophie Sheridan. Megan Schleifer was cast as Donna’s best friend Tanya, and Anna Schmersahl is Donna’s other friend Rosie. Lucas Frederking is acting as Sam, the male lead, and Brayden Miller is playing a character named Harry. Wilson Welch is acting as Bill. Bill, Sam, and Harry are all past lovers of Donna that Sophie invites to her wedding because she thinks one of the men could be her dad. Jared Juenger is playing Sophie’s fiance named Sky. Hannah Miller is acting as one of Sophie’s best friends named Ali, and Megan Rennegarbe is playing Sophie’s other friend named Lisa. Jacob Funk is cast as Sky’s friend named Eddie, and Jackson Heckert is playing the priest at the wedding named Father Alexiandros. 

The musical Mamma Mia needs a background chorus to sing with the characters during some of the songs. The members of the chorus are Grace Foster, Autumn Heberer, Ashley Langenstein, Tricia Rennegarbe, Kylie Langenstein, Alyssa Gavin, Sydney Tebbe, Elli Kremmer, Cynthia Snyder, Paige Riechmann, and Nick Rulevish. Practices start on November third. Anyone that’s interested in seeing the musical can see it on March 20, 21, or 22.