Junior High Has Spirit!


Laura Cook, Staff Writer

Friday, October 18, the Junior High Student Council hosted a pep rally for our students. There was Tug-of-War and the girls and boys faced each other; the girls won in both grades, and girls from each grade faced each other, the eighth graders won both rounds. Then, there was karaoke. The first performance was by Laura Cook and she sang “Let it Go.” Then, “All-Star” was sung by Laurie Mueth, Norah Hurst, and Karlie Johnson. Most of the seventh-grade boys and girls then sang “Baby Shark.” A trio of girls, LauraCook, Sarah Cook, and Paige Kolweier were going to sing, but two of their microphones weren’t on, so some of the eighth-grade student council members sang “We’re All In This Together” as students were dismissed for a finale.