Rocket Golf Update

Briley Rhodes, Asst. Editor

This year’s Rocket golf team consists of 14 individuals:  seniors Lucas Frederking,  Brock Furhhop, Mason Meyer, Will Shubert, and Carson Wiese.  Juniors are Harrison Borrenpohl, Dylan Clark,  Levi Traub, and Cole Wiedwilt.  Sophomores are Jacob Funk and Dillon Teter. New members of the golf team are freshmen  Riley Clark, Shane Klasing, and  Parker Lehde.  The coach again this year is Travis Kuhn. 

The first match of the season started off in Okawville, on August 13,  at the Roland Barkau Memorial Golf Course.  The Rockets faced Wesclin and took the win in a close match by 1 stroke. Individual scores were not available for this match.

The next match for the Rockets was again at home this time three teams competed for first Okawville, Freeburg, and Marissa.  The Rockets came up short this time shooting 188 as a team getting 3rd.  Individual scores for this game were also not available.

Once again the Rockets squared off at home on August 18, against Sparta. The Rockets took the match 176-193.  Scoring for this game was Carson Wiese with a 41, Brock Fuhrhop 44, Cole Wiedwilt 45, Levi Traub 46, Will Shubert 46, and Dylan Clark 46. 

On August 20, the team traveled to Steeleville and played a match at Pyramid Oaks Golf Course.  This was a 3 team match between Okawville, Marissa, and Steeleville. The team came out of this match with second place as they lost to Steeleville.  This game scoring for the Rockets looked a little different.  First for the Rockets were Dylan Clark and Levi Traub with 45, then Brock Fuhrhop and Carson Wiese 51, followed by Cole Wiedwilt and Will Shubert with 55.

Next week on August 27, the Rockets had a match at the Sparta Country Club.  Here the Rockets took a win beating the Bulldogs by 26 strokes.  Sophomore Dillon Teter and Junior Dylan Clark lead the way for the Rockets here with a 37.  Carson Wiese and Levi Traub matched each other with a 42, same with Lucas Frederking and Will Shubert with 43,  Brock Fuhrhop 50, and Cole Wiedwilt 55.  The next day the Rockets were back at home for a match against Red Bud.  The Rockets would end up taking down the Musketeers with a score of 153-172.  Individual scores for this game were Carson Wiese with 36, Dillon Teter 38, Lucas Frederking 39, Levi Traub 40, Dylan Clark and Cole Wiedwilt 43, Will Shubert 46, and Brock Fuhrhop 48. 

On September 3, the Rockets traveled to Bent Oak Golf Course in Breese to play a match against Breese Mater Dei and Nashville.  The team came out second in this match losing to Mater Dei but beating our rivals Nashville by one stroke.  Scoring for this game was Dillon Teter with 42, Carson Wiese 43, Dylan Clark 44, Levi Traub 47,  Lucas Frederking 49, and Brock Fuhrhop 50. 

On September 8, the team was back in Okawville with a match against New Athens and Steeleville.  Once again the Rockets got second, losing to Steeleville by 15 strokes.  Carson Wiese led the way for Okawville in this match with a score of 43,  Levi Traub and Dylan Clark had 46,  Dillon Teter 48, Lucas Frederking 51, and Brock Fuhrhop 52. 

Okawville hosted Marissa the next day and lost by 2 strokes.  Scoring was spread out for the Rockets Levi Traub shot a 38, Brock Fuhrhop 39, Dylan Clark 42, Dillon Teter 43, Carson Wiese 44, and Lucas Frederking 49. 

On the 10th of September, the Rockets competed in the Nashville Invitational.  The teams in this tournament were Breese Central, Breese Mater Dei, Chester, Gibault, Nashville, Okawville, and Sparta. Dylan Clark placed 18th and shot a 46, Dillon Teter and Brock Fuhrhop 21st with a 47, Levi Traub and Carson Wiese 25th with a 48, and Lucas Frederking 37th with a 55. 

On September 14, the Rockets made the trip to White Oaks Golf Course in Marissa to play a match against Marissa and New Athens.  The Rockets came out top on this one beating Marissa by one stroke.  Levi Traub and Dylan Clark lead the way for Okawville matching scores of 42, Carson Wiese 46, Brock Fuhrhop 47, Cole Wiedwilt and Lucas Frederking 55, and Will Shubert and Shane Klasing 56. 

On September 17, the Rockets were back at home with a match against the Gibault Hawks.  The Rockets lost this match by 26 strokes.  Once again Dylan Clark led the way with a 37, Cole Wiedwilt 42, Lucas Frederking and Dillon Teter 43, Levi Traub and Brock Fuhrhop 44, Carson Wiese 45, and Will Shubert 48. 

I asked Junior Dylan Clark how the season has been so far this year.  He replied with “ It has been good so far and I think everyone is improving, we are really just glad that we get to play.”