Lady Rocket Golf Swings into Action


Macie Staley, Staff Writer

The Girls’ Golf team has started their season. With the loss of 3 seniors this season, they are still thriving and working hard. There are 2 seniors this year, Avery Killion and Erin Nilles, 2 juniors, Macie Staley and Paige Riechmann, 1 sophomore, Taylor Hettenhausen, and 1 freshman, Bella Welch. So far the Lady Rocket golfers have played in 6 matches including two 18 holes. 

Their first match was at The Orchards Golf Course and they finished 3rd out of 3 teams with a score of 215. The girls were 31 strokes behind Mascoutah at their home course. Taylor Hettenhausen shot a 45, Erin Nilles shot a 53, Macie Staley shot a 58, Avery Killion shot a 59, Bella Welch shot a 60, and finally, Paige Riechmann shot a 64.  Their second match was at Waterloo, Acorns course, and got 2nd out of 3 teams with a team score of 216. 

They played at the Nashville Invitational and got 6th with a team score of 220 on 9 holes. Leading their team at the Invitational was Macie Staley shooting a 50, Taylor Hettenhausen shot a 54, Bella Welch shot a 57, Erin Nilles shot a 59, Avery Killion shot a 62, and Paige Riechmann shot a 72. 

The Lady Rockets have played in two 18 hole tournaments, the first one being the Belleville West Invitational, they had a rough time but came out the end with a team score of 431, placing 14th place.  Avery Killion shot a 100, Macie Staley shot a 107, Taylor Hettenhausen shot a 108, Erin Nilles shot a 117, and Paige Riechmann shot a 134. Bella, unfortunately, couldn’t make it. 

The second 18 hole match they played in was the Okawville Invitational. The overall team score was 394. Taylor Hettenhausen and Macie Staley both shot a 91 and medaled for 4th place out of many other girls, leading the Okawville Lady Rockets to get 2nd in the invitational, just behind the Columbia Eagles. 

After these two 18 hole tournaments, the Lady Rockets had a match at Breese course and had an overall score of 220. Macie Staley shot a 51, Bella Welch shot a 55, Taylor Hettenhausen and Erin Nilles both shot a 57, Avery Killion shot a 58, and Paige Riechmann shot a 73. The Lady Rockets got 2nd in that match losing to Mater Dei.