OHS Band Students Attend 22nd Annual Prairie Honor Band


Alyssa Gavin, Staff Writer

On November 23, 2021, OHS Band sent ten students to Wesclin High School to attend the 22nd annual Prairie Honor Band. The students were directed by guest director Rodney Washburn. He was a former music director of Wesclin and had been the guest director for the Prairie Honor Band in 2019. The students who had had him before were glad to have him and welcomed him back warmly. 

The Prairie Honor Band consisted of students from all over the area. There were students from Okawville, Wesclin, Carlyle, Nashville, and many other schools in the nearby area. 

These students were given five songs a couple of weeks prior to the event to practice. The group spent 8 hours rehearsing these songs either together or with their sections. By the end of the day, the students were more than ready to perform for their family members.