Mrs. Howard as The New Assistant Principal

Addison Hasheider, Junior High Editor

This year at Okawville Grade School/High School we’ve had several new faces. One of them is Mrs. Kimberly Howard as our new Assistant Principal. Mrs. Howard received a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education at MacMurray College, then later went on to get her Master’s Degree in Education Leadership and Administration at McKendree University. Before becoming an assistant principal, she taught multiple grades of students between kindergarten and high school for twelve years. 

 I interviewed Mrs. Howard and one question I asked her was why she went into education. She replied, “I love education and working with students and teachers, and I’ve always wanted to become a teacher.”  I asked a follow-up question about what she looked forward to most this year. She said, “I look forward to building relationships with teachers, students, and the community.” She currently resides in Lively Grove with her husband and two kids.