A Special Thank You to Chief


Adysen Harre, Staff Writer

On January 31st, Okawville’s Chief Steve Milikin officially retired from the Police Department. After 18 years of service in our small community, he was recognized by the school district for his dedication to everyone’s safety. 

Straight out of high school, Milikin began working in a coal mine; however, he ended up choosing a different career path after the mine closed. He decided to join the police academy at South East Missouri State where he would become certified for both Illinois and Missouri. 

Upon graduation, Miliken joined the staff at the Prairie State County Jail in October of 1995. Eventually, he came to Okawville in 2001 and served as our Chief for 18 years. 

Chief Milikin has been very involved in the school and that is something I, as an Okawville student, have always appreciated. Many of you may not know, but Chief stands outside in the morning – rain or shine – and greets children as they walk into the building. 

That may be why one of his favorite memories throughout his career is getting to be at school with all of us students. In a recent interview with him, he also mentioned that would be one of the things he will miss the most. 

Another memory he is fond of involves catching a bank robber by himself back in May of 2013. He added that he watched the man come out of the bank and he chased him all the way down the interstate, eventually putting him into custody. 

After retirement Chief is proud to say that he will do absolutely nothing for the first couple of months. He wants to wait for warmer weather and then figure out a new adventure. It has been a long 28 years of service for Chief, so he is ready to take time off and enjoy everything life has to offer. 

A special thank you is extended out to Melinda Albers, Tricia Schliefer, and many of the other members of the administration who put on a retirement ceremony for Chief Milikin. On February 1st all Okawville Junior and Senior High School students started their morning off celebrating Chief. 

He was given gifts from the district and applauded as he walked through the hallway. This is just a glimpse at the appreciation the Okawville community has for Chief Milikin. 

The Okawville community thanks Chief Milikin for making sacrifices to protect our community for 28 years, and his services will be missed dearly. We hope he enjoys his well-deserved retirement!